Golf Pro Cigar Kit

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Stogieboys “Cigar Golf Pro Kit” provides you with not just the essentials for your golf outing, but with everything you will need to smoke your stogies in style. We included the DivPro, which is not just a divot tool it also functions as a cigar holder, ball marker, club head cleaner, golf grip saver or even a shotgun can opener. And in case your DivPro is occupied we also included a cigar minder clip. This durable clip can attach to almost anything, from your golf bag to the golf cart, while it conveniently holds your cigar.

We couldn’t forget a keychain cutter. You can attach this bullet punch cutter to your keys, or a strap on your bag, but it is also small enough that it wouldn’t get in the way in a pocket, glove box or other small area!

Last and most importantly a 5 pack sampler so there is no need to dip into the supply of your humidor. Enough cigars to last a round of golf or maybe 2 and if you are a one cigar per round kinda guy then you won’t have any problem sharing with a pal! This Cigar kit will keep you on your game instead of worrying about your cigars!

1x DivPro
1x Cigar Minder cigar clip
1x Bullet punch cutter
1x 1876 reserve Robusto -
1x Carlos Torano Dominico Toro
1x Bohemian Red Corojo - 6 x 50
1x Bahia Blu - 5 x 50
1x Oro Cubano

*Cigars included may occasionally vary, based on availability.