Original Cubans Robusto (single)

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Original Cubans

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Most know that despite the hype and reputation, the shine is gone from the Cuban cigar industry. Thanks to decades of communism and the exodus of cigar making talent, the best cigars being made today come from outside Cuba. But in their heyday, Cuban cigars were the pinnacle of the cigar maker's art. Those that remember the legendary, authentic Cuban cigars know that they tasted sort of like vanilla ice cream soda. And about halfway through, you'd get a bit light-headed and realize that these babies were potent, but you'd notice it more in the belly than in the palate. 'Original' Cubans bring back that incredible taste. Made in the Dominican Republic, these beauties offer a perfect draw and sweet, smooth power that pleases the palate, all while tricking the belly into thinking these are the real deal.