Don Kiki Green Label Churchill Natural - Single

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Don Kiki

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These cigars are handmade in small batches and in limited quantities with extremely aged long-filler tobacco. The filler and binder are sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano. The Wrapper is a Claro Shade-Grown Brazilian Mata Fina. Don Kiki personally blended the tobacco leaves in each cigar to produce an exquisitely mild taste. Each cigar is individually handcrafted to his high standards and under his direct supervision. The Don Kiki Green Label Churchill Cigar is handcrafted with aged tobacco from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The tobacco was aged for at least three years before being masterfully handmade into meticulous cigars. They were then aged for another three years in Tabacalera Esteli’s temperature and humidity controlled aging room before being hand packed. Their mild complex taste is naturally soft with creamy nougats, hints of toasted nuts and gentle orange peels. They have an unrivaled floral aroma.