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Humidor Accessories

Humidor Accessories

Fine humidor accessories for your cigar collection.

We have 16 quality humidor accessories to ensure your humidor stays running well to protect your cigar investment. Hygrometers, humidifers, humidification gel, fans, and water cartridge refills are just some of the products you need. Priced affordably, these are products that no real cigar enthusiast can live without.

Shop online with us for high quality, efficient cigar accessory products.

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Analog Hygrometer
This reliable analog hygrometer keeps perfect relative humidity. Made of resin with a hole in center back for calibration, this hygrometer ensures that your cigars will always be kept fresh and ready to smoke. ..
Analog Hygrometer - brass, small
This brass toned analog hygrometer keeps track of the relative humidity inside your humidor. Made of resin with a hole in center back for calibration, know that your cigars are fresh and ready to smoke! 1 3/4 " diameter. ..
Cigar Oasis II - Ultra-Deluxe
The Cigar Oasis II provides the perfect humidity level for your humidor with very little hassle, and this version offers humidification for large cases, armoires, and display humidors. The Oasis controls the humidity over long periods of time - recommended for up to 3,000 cigar capacity humidors...
Cigar Oasis XL - Electronic Humidifier
This unit is perfect for the guy who wants exact 70% humidity without a lot of work or worry. Plug it in and you'll have up to 1 year of unattended operation. A unique sensor measures humidity and microprocessor control operates a built-in circulation fan to maintain uniform (specified) humidity ..
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Cigar Oasis XL Plus - Electronic Humidifier
The Cigar Oasis XL Plus uses the same technology as the XL model, but with a change in air flow and water cartridge, allowing the unit to provide more rapid and efficient humidification, making it ideal for even larger humidors built to store up to 1,000 cigars. Plug it in and you'll have up to 1..
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Crystal Gel Humidification jar
Just saturate your Crystal Gel jar with a small amount of water and the crystals absorb and expand. These specially-formulated crystals contain a humidity-balancing solution of propylene glycol, which ensures a slow, steady release of moisture. Simply pour a small amount of water in the jar a..
Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer - Gold
Digital hygrometers are undoubtedly far superior to analog hygrometers.  This digital model provides the benefits of accurate humidity and temperature readings consistently to maintain the right environment in your humidor for your favorite smokes.  It has a small footprint and can be m..
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Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer - Silver
Digital hygrometers are no doubt more reliable and accurate than analog hygrometers.  This digital model delivers accurate humidity and temperature readings consistently to maintain the right environment in your humidor. This one has a small footprint and can be mounted for exterior display ..
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Humi-Care EH Plus electric humidifier - Fan Kit
Superior humidity distribution and control in your cabinet or tower humidors. The fan kit includes everything you need to ensure your Humicare EH plus unit is operating at maximum efficiency and that humidity is evenly distributed and controlled. This kit allows you to place up to three separ..
Humi-Care EH Plus Electronic Humidifier
This is the most effective electronic humidifier available. It will regulate the humidity inside cabinet or commercial humidors up to eight cubic feet in size. It is also adjustable to meet your needs, if your cigar storage space is a smaller size. The large LED display provides an accurate relat..
Humi-Care EH Plus External Fan
Humi-Care's efficient EH Plus External Fan ensures your cigars stay fresh. Giving your humidor top notch moisture control enabling your cigars to perform as they are meant to! Included: 1 Humi-Care EH Plus External Fan ..
Humi-Care EH Plus Water Cartridge Refill
When it’s time for a replacement, this water cartridge refill will keep your Humi-Care EH Plus Electronic Humidifier running to its full potential. Enjoy your cigars, without the maintenance. When you receive it, add distilled water, replace your old cartridge with it and you’re set! Includes..
Humi-Care HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier
Humi-Care advanced technology delivers exceptional convenience and dependability with humidification. On the outside, the HX10 is ordinary, but on the inside it includes highly advanced propylene glycol gel crystals that absorb large quantities of water and automatically chemically balance t..
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Humidifier - Large Rectangle
This device humidifies up to a 100 count humidor. It’s ideal as the main humidifier for your humidor or as a replacement for your current humidifier. Don’t let your cigars get stale. Ensure that they are as fresh as the day you bought them! Humidifier size: 6 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 3/4" ..
Humidifier Round
This basic, round humidifier is good for humidors that don’t come equipped with such a device, for your homemade tupperdor, or as a supplement to increase the humidity in your existing humidor. ..
Premium Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer
Digital hygrometers are infinitely more reliable and accurate than analog hygrometers, and at this price, it's an easy decision to upgrade from your analog. This digital hygrometer provides a consistently accurate humidity and temperature reading to help you protect your smokes. This model is sup..
Propylene Glycol Humidification Solution - 8 oz.
This bottle is ideal for your humidor! It contains a combination of distilled water and propylene glycol to balance your humidity at 70%. This is an 8oz bottle that will last for a long time.  Simply add the solution to any humidifier in place of distilled water only. In most cases it wi..
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Humidifier Water Pillows
These convenient little packages deliver consistent 70% humidity for up to 45 days. They are perfect, portable, disposable humidifiers for cigars, RYO, or pipe tobacco. Great for travel or for temporary storage, or to supplement humidity during extra dry months. One pack will properly humidify up..